Magic is inside.

Magic is that wonderful thing that happens only once. Than it disappears.


When you observe the hands of a wizarding professional, everything else becomes superfluous. 


Just a few photos to talk about my professional work as a wizard in the main television stations, as a surreal  actor during some roleplays, as a communication expert providing experiential activities for companies and multinationals, as a lecturer  for Italian magic clubs,  and as a producer of "interesting" theatrical projects volunteering for some Penitentiary structures, in sinergy with the Staff and with the Prisoners.

From the  gallery we thank all those involved in professional collaborations (in photografic order): Raul Cremona (registered on Rai Gulp), Giorgia Colombo (registered on Antenna Tre), Michele Foresta "Mr Forest" (Closeup magic competition at European Close-up Symposium), Greta Aitis (Project "The Sun is Inside" - Theater House Imprisonment of Milano Bollate), Giovanni Storti ("What Magic has to do with it?" at C.L.A.M. Club Arte Magica Milano), Renato Converso ("Give me back my face" at Theater Ariberto Milano), Renato Converso ("Give me back my face" at Theater Arca), Gianni Loria (Italian Magic Club President), Corrado Villa -Actor, Dubber (Project "Magic is Inside" - Theater House Imprisonment of Bergamo) , Franco Rossi (comic actor), Catia Bianchi, Viviana Costa with her ballet "Tiptoed"  (Project "The Sun is Inside" - Theater House Imprisonment of Milano Bollate) , Gianluigi Sarzano -Business Coach (Project "The Sun is Inside" - Theater House Imprisonment of Milano Bollate) , Trilli Monia Vecchiatini, Rita Gentile, Maurizio Cheli(Italian Astronaut, Test Pilot, Officer and Aviator ) at F.C.A. Mirafiori di Torino, Tiziana Murru, Greta Aitis (Project "Magic of Welcome for Fata Onlus" - Theater Music Room of Cesano Boscone) . Photos taken by: Antonio Panda Gigante Dacco, Simona Boccedi, Gabriele Zucca, Silvia Vizzotto, A.A. Photografer, Salvatore Rapacciuolo. Magical clubs: C.L.A.M. Magic Art Club Milan, C.M.I. Italian Magic Club, Bartolomeo Bosco Magic Club Turin. Special Thanks: District house of Bergamo for the project "Magic is Inside" years 2015-2016; District house of Milano Bollate for the project "The Sun is Inside" years 2017/2018; Lombardy Region Board of the D.A.P. (Prison Administration Department) for projects carried out in the years 2015/2018.

STIMA TOCCO PERFETTO The first treatise that reveals the Art of Magic with Estimation.
"The magician's skill lies in the ability to capture attention and to condition the audience minds".  Angelo Mirra